About the Vancouver Local Directory

Vancouver, Washington is located in the southwestern portion of the state on the north side of the Columbia River. The city is located in Clark County and is directly across from Portland, Oregon, which is on the south side of the river. The city's location on the river impacts the look and ambiance of the city and region. Like Portland and many other cities on the west coast, residents of all ages enjoy and treasure the outdoors. Numerous biking, hiking and walking paths cross the area and help residents take advantage of the beautiful scenery and moderate climate.

Positioned north and east of the city is the Cascade Mountain Range. Between the recreational opportunities of the mountains to the Pacific Ocean a mere 90-minute drive to the west; the area is a very attractive retirement or vacation destination.
The Vancouver climate is mild with cool summers and mild winters. The area does experience heavy rainfall due to its location west of the Cascade Mountains. The heavy rainfall is what gives the city a beautiful abundance of vegetation from flowering trees, lush landscaping to thick forests.

Vancouver's smaller size and desirable location has helped the city attract revitalization projects for the downtown area. New residential and retail projects have been proceeding with the goal to create an attractive urban area. The goal of these urban projects is to create space for public art, shopping destinations and also create urban housing and build urban employment opportunities.

Why Retire to Vancouver, Washington?

Vancouver, Washington and Clark County offer a choice of lifestyles from small rural towns and countryside to medium to a larger city like Vancouver. Many of the smaller towns such as Battle Ground, Brush Prairie, Camas, Orchards and Washougal also offer pleasant retirement destinations.