About the Salem Local Directory

Salem is the capital of Oregon and is a vibrant metro area. The city is located in the beautiful Willamette River Valley and is approximately 45 miles south of Portland. Local cities in the area such as Dallas, Keizer, Monmouth, Silverton, Stayton, Woodburn and Salem offer a variety of choices in housing and both urban and rural lifestyles. Salem and the surrounding area is also a popular tourist destination from numerous wineries, popular shopping destinations, fine dining, historical attractions and nearby parks.

Oregon is the 33rd state of the United States and is located in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. Oregon borders Washington on the north, Idaho on the east, California and Nevada on the south. Oregon has a diverse landscape from the scenic Pacific coastline to rugged volcanic areas to semi-arid prairies, plateaus and deserts. The geographic and physical characteristics of the state offer a variety of retirement and semi-retirement lifestyles.

Why Relocate or Retire to Oregon?

Oregon offers gorgeous scenery and a choice of lifestyle from small rural towns and countryside to medium to large cities. Small towns in Oregon offer pleasant retirement destinations and access to the sights and attractions of Oregon, the Pacific Northwest and the west coast. The population appreciates the geography of the area and in general enjoys an outdoor lifestyle.