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The Eldercare Network of Larimer County supports aging families as they navigate through uncharted territory of aging, care giving, and illness often associated with the latter part of life. Network participants are energetic advocates of seniors and families including professional practitioners in every related field and family members who have messages of wisdom and experience to share.

The Network is an example of community in action
There are no paid positions. Each individual who participates does so because of a deep conviction that there can be more effective support and advocacy for families and companion belief that working together will make a positive difference. Each member of the Network needs only to believe in its mission and pledge to actively participate in at least one committee.

There are several components to the Eldercare Network. Each has been carefully conceived to fulfill the mission of family support and education.

Website The website is a joint effort to provide comprehensive information on issues of interest to caregivers. It is frequently revised to better reflect the Network's mission to effectively provide useful information and be maximally user friendly. It can be accessed at

Publication - Realizing that information is gleaned from both spoken and printed formats, the publication committee has published newsletters, articles, and most recently has launched a partnership with Parent Magazine to feature the second half of the life of the family in an Eldercare Issue. The committee negotiates with publications to be included and arranges for these special issues to have maximum exposure.

Outreach - Because the Network believes that well-informed family members can make the healthiest decisions and drive service excellence, members are available to present workshops, classes, and discussions about related issues. Employers have utilized the bureau to round out wellness seminars, brown bag seminars, and other employee assistance programs. All speakers are active participants in the network and can speak to many specific topics as well as a general overview of issues and options. Plans are underway for a Legal Forum that will answer many of the community's questions about elder law and special legal concerns in later life.

Help Line - A committee manages the Help Line which can be reached at 970-495-3442. Members of the community can call for information and referral and are guided to the most appropriate experts. A concerted effort is made to be as specific and helpful as possible.

Family Connection - Family caregivers past and present are the heart of this important committee. These folks share their acquired wisdom and insights with each other and the greater family caregiver community. Their current project is a handbook for families who have recently moved a loved one into a facility. This handbook will be available through the Network and other yet to be determined outlets. The Eldercare Network can be reached by phone at 970-495-3442 or through the website at