National Senior Services and Resources

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Community Resources : Social Security

Direct Deposit for Social Security or SSI Payment
Tel: 800-333-1795
Direct deposit is the best way to get your Social Security or SSI payment. It is safer and easier than a check, because your money goes straight to your account on your payment day. Call Go Direct at 800-333-1795 or visit our website today!
National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare
National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare (NCPSSM) works to protect and enhance Federal programs vital to seniors health and economic well-being.
Social Security Administration - SSA
Tel: 800-772-1213
This government website is administered by the U.S. Social Security Administration. Called Social Security Online, the website offers benefits planning, social security statements, online application to retire and much more. The website is also a convenient place to replace a lost social security or medicare card.
U.S. Administration on Aging - Eldercare Locator
Public Service of the U.S. Administration on Aging US
Tel: 800-677-1116
The Eldercare Locator helps older adults and their caregivers find local services & housing options for seniors. Explore their website or call at 1-800-677-1116, Monday through Friday, 9AM to 8PM Eastern Time.