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Learn more about how Colorado Move Management and Organizing companies help older adults and their families.

Move Management and Organizing Services is about assisting adult children of aging parents with the task of downsizing and relocation by relieving the stress that goes along with it. Our Move Managers are experienced professionals. They are knowledgeable in the specifics of helping seniors and their families through the process of downsizing, transitioning, home modifications, organizing, planning moves and more.

The benefits of using Move Managers for seniors is that whether the parents choose to stay in their own home and 'rightsize', or decide to move to a smaller apartment, independent or assisted living environment, the Move Manager is there to guide the process from minimal organizing to facilitating a move plan from start to finish. This frees up the adult children to use their time for other details, which may be more focused emotional or physical support of the parent.

Senior Moves/Relocation
When it comes down to moving, it is a tedious stressful job for anyone and consumes a lot of time and energy. Often adult children find it difficult to be there for elderly parents because their time is consumed with the needs of their own families. The adult child may live a great distance from their parents, which not only makes the job of caregiver difficult but makes the job of helping parents scale down or move both stressful, frustrating and nearly impossible to juggle.

When considering using a Move Manager, an assortment of services are available to make the job easier for all involved. Here is a partial list of services offered by Colorado Move Managers.

We strive to make your move stress free and as smooth as possible!

There are many transitions throughout life, but the most significant is the transition from a home of many years of memories to a smaller home, assisted living, or to skilled nursing in some cases. Transitioning to stay in one's home and downsize or make modifications is another decision for seniors as well. Move Managers are there to support the senior and assist adult children through such transitions. With their help, relocation can be smoother and stress free, by putting their professional skills to work for you.

Downsizing/ Estate Clean out
When it is time to start downsizing or planning an estate clean out, sooner is better than later. Often seniors put it off until an injury or medical emergencies arises, and families are often left with the task after the parents are deceased. We all know what it is like to have excess stuff and it is more trying when we find ourselves at that stage of life overwhelmed by not knowing how or where to start letting go of our things. It can become an unpleasant job and occasionally hazardous to the senior.

Move Managers are trained to help. They have the knowledge and experience to make it all come together smoothly. Whether it is preparing to move to a smaller residence or planning to stay where you are, it all comes down to a matter of clearing the excess for a more manageable clutter-free life.

Consider using the Move Manager's experience for assistance and support to make the decisions on downsizing possessions. We understand how hard it is to let go of 60 years of accumulation. Our process begins with a checklist and timeline for the downsizing or estate clean up. Move Managers work with older adults and their loved ones deciding what belongings should stay or move with them, what will be gifted, donated or shipped to relatives, and if necessary, arrangements for storage.

Additionally, Move Managers can supervise tasks within the home that the owner or family does not have time to deal with such as arranging cleaning services, trash removal, home repairs and estate sales. Move Managers can also mobilize contractors such as movers, painters, and staging professionals in preparation for selling the home, and recommending Realtor services, if needed.

We find many people are immaculate housekeepers and love to organize, while the rest do not see it as that important. When it comes to making a move, downsizing or making home modifications for the future, organizing can be an overwhelming task for seniors. Often, it is hard for them to let go of treasures of many years especially after a spouse dies. They may not be physically able to move things such as furniture. It can be difficult to know exactly where to start, much less, where to dispose of or donate things. Move Managers have that experience and are there to lend a hand. It is what they do best, so why not consider having caring, supportive, knowledgeable individuals make organizing stress free for you and your loved ones.

Many of Colorado's Move Managers offer these types of services to fit your organizing needs and more:

Reducing stress
Move Managers of Colorado strive to make your downsizing and/or move stress free and as smooth as possible! Plan with your parent(s) and don't delay in having a sincere talk about making the transition to relocate or downsizing before their situation is dire and they cannot voice their opinion and participate in the decision making process. Contact Move Managers of Colorado for assistance and success in transitions.

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