Belmont Village of Green Hills
A fresh approach to senior living

4206 Stammer Place, Nashville, TN 37215
Fax: 615-279-9622

Belmont Village is setting a new standard in senior living. Imagine spending your senior years in the company of friends. Being part of a community where you can learn, grow and feel connected to others who share your interests. This is Belmont Village, a vital community that doesn't just meet, but far surpasses the expectations of residents.

At Belmont Village, we take great care to balance the independence our seniors desire with the support they need. Belmont Village programs and services have been designed to provide a sense of well being for all residents, with a common support system that is thoughtful and sensitive to seniors at every turn.

As a Belmont Village resident, you will receive many personal services that are provided for your comfort and well being. The following services and amenities are provided as part of your monthly rent:

Assisted Living and Personal Assistance Liaison, or PAL
Belmont Village staff serves our residents 24 hours/day, seven days a week. At the heart of our support program is a Personal Assistance Liaison, or PAL, who builds a special supporting relationship with residents to anticipate individual needs. Medication management is provided by licensed Belmont Village staff. Belmont's assisted living philosophy is designed to provide personalized support as residents' needs change. A simple assessment and review will provide the resident and family with a recommended level of support. A variety of personal care services are available to make our seniors' lives more comfortable, including:

Belmont Village communities are available across the United States. The communities were developed after years of research in the fields of gerontology, hospitality and dining, architecture and preference of seniors and families. The result is an exceptional blend of architecture and programs designed to meet the needs of residents. Call 615-279-9100 today for more information about Belmont Village or to schedule a tour.

Belmont Village of Green Hill

Belmont Village of Green Hills is licensed by the State of Tennessee (ACLF Lic. 59)