About the Morris-Somerset Region

Morris and Somerset Counties located in northern New Jersey are part of the picturesque local area known as the Skylands Region, which encompasses the gorgeous Appalachian Highlands. This portion of the Eastern United States has some of the most beautiful landscapes and panoramic views in the country. As a complex mix of urban metro areas and beautiful rural countryside, the entire region offers a wide variety of senior living options and related senior care services suited to fit all possible lifestyle requirements.

The Climate of Morris and Somerset Counties

New Jersey's climate has four distinct seasons with January winter temperatures averaging around 35 degrees Fahrenheit and July summer temperatures around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The climate is classed as a dependent-one controlled by the movement of air masses from other sources. Residents can experience the effects of polar and tropical air movements, which bring major storms into the area. The average annual rainfall is around 50 inches and the average annual snowfall is around 35 inches.

Attractions of the Area

Morris and Somerset Counties offer many local attractions. The area is rich in early American history with many historical landmarks such as Old Millstone Forge the longest operating blacksmith in the United States and other historically significant locations such as the Van Horn House, Van Wickle House, Wallace House, Old Dutch Parsonage, Middlebrook Encampment, Rockingham, Van Veghten House, and other Revolutionary War Sites.

New Jersey's nickname of The Garden State actually is derived from its early years when agriculture was the dominant industry. Today, New Jersey has a diverse economy ranging from pharmaceutical, telecommunications, biotechnology, and publishing industries. Still a wholly appropriate nickname, the Garden State nickname boasts a wide variety of gardens and horticultural destinations throughout the area. Morris and Somerset Counties, like the rest of the state, also offer a variety of theatres, art galleries, fine dining choices, destination malls, golf courses, horseback riding, sporting events, and ways to enjoy the simplicity of the wonderful New Jersey countryside with its numerous open spaces, waterways, parks, and trails.

An Overview of the Morris and Somerset Counties

In our use, the term Morris-Somerset Directory refers to the counties of Morris and Somerset New Jersey and the cities and towns within these counties. Within Morris County are the cities of Bound Brook, Dover, Green Brook, Madison, Manville, Morristown, Parsonage, Plainfield, Randolph, and Rockaway. Somerset County includes the towns of Bridgewater, Fairmount, Far Hills, Green Village, Somerset, and Somerville. There are many small other towns in this area as well as outlaying suburban communities for seniors and families.

Below is a list of condensed city descriptions within the Morris-Somerset Region:

Larger Cities:

  • Bridgewater - Located in Somerset County, Bridgewater is a township with a moderate population of roughly 43,000. Communities, mostly residential, within the boundaries of Bridgewater include Bradley Gardens, Fiderne, Martinsville, and Northbranch among others. Bridgewater is as rich in history as it is in dining and retail relaxation, giving this town an appeal all its own.
  • Morristown - Settled in approximately 1715 by English Presbyterians, Morristown is steeped in history extending all the way back to the American Revolution. Nowadays, Morristown's slogan hearkens to its past, exclaiming the phrase, "Morristown: History Still in the Making", yet appeals to people of all ages with its variety of shops, restaurants and cultural events filled with energy and unforgettable charm.
  • Somerville - English in name and in heritage, Somerville was established effectually after the creation of the railroad surrounding the area. Boasting all the conveniences of a traditional east coast locality, the conventional town of Somerville feels like home.

Smaller Cities:

  • Bound Brook - Bound Brook, renowned for its role in the American Revolutionary War, has since become a peaceful haven for residents and visitors alike, set among the serenity of the Raritan River.
  • Dover - 39 miles northwest of New York, you will find the unassuming city of Dover. Candidly diverse and rooted in traditional heritage Dover finds its way into the lives of many throughout New Jersey.
  • Hills - As of the 2000 census, the population of Far Hills totaled a miniscule 859, having as a feature the estate of Natirar, spanning a total of 491 acres and previously belonging to Hassan II, the late King of Morocco who passed away in 1999. Currently Sir Richard Branson is renovating the 30,000 square foot mansion, originally built by Walter Ladd and his wife in the early 1900's, into an upscale spa and hotel.
  • Franklin - The township of Franklin in Somerset County,( not to be confused with the four other Franklin townships throughout the country), derived its name after Benjamin Franklin in the 1700's. Franklin is heavy in American Revolutionary War history, also encompassing on its property the Symen Van Wickle House, a classic symbol of early Dutch and American Heritage.
  • Green Brook - The small, peaceful town of Green Brook New Jersey has a population of only about 5,500, yet is so nearby to many world-renown sites, it is the perfect size to make its residents feel surrounded in a private semi-urban haven.
  • Madison - Nicknamed "The Rose City," Madison is positioned on a ridge of land composed of the remains of Lake Passaic, which was formed by the recession of a glacier and its production of melting ice into water. Nowadays, the town is primarily made up of residential lots, keeping industrial uses at a minimum. With the influences of nearby universities, diverse population and pleasant atmosphere, Madison is a great family locale to call home.
  • Manville - Named after the Johns-Manville Corporation, which closed in 1984, Manville New Jersey has a population of over 10,500 and is only 30 miles away from Newark. With many museums, historic districts and wineries within close proximity, Manville is located in a prime area accessible to the city and suburbs.
  • Randolph - Life in Randolph is focused around community, encouraging all members in the area to participate in cultural, educational, and physical sports activities. The local library supports a reading group, Randolph's senior citizen center arranges an array of practical activities, and the township itself is known for its competitive athletics efforts, especially in the areas of soccer, football, and track.
  • Somerset - With art centers, wineries, museums, planetariums and shopping abound, Somerset is an extremely active city featuring cultural and seasonal events and conventions while maintaining a casual attitude and friendly atmosphere within its population of over 23,000.

History of the Region

As one of the oldest regions in the country, the counties of Morris and Somerset were established in the 1600's, and are rich in traditional American lore at its finest. Playing a central role in the country's development during the Civil War, WWI and WW2, New Jersey's Morris-Somerset counties lie upon some of the garden state's finest landscape featuring shimmering lakes, rolling hills and open valleys, truly a sight to behold. After the establishment of municipalities by English settlers, the region became actively involved in the production of iron ore and subsequently in the production of other commodities. Today, with its beautiful landmarks, historic homes, natural beauty and effective industrial facilities, the region of Morris-Somerset is a diverse, yet traditional area with a unique dynamic all its own.

Transportation in Morris-Somerset

With eight different transit routes in and around Somerset County as well as additional lines, various drops and transfer stations in Morris County, bus services in this region of New Jersey are more than adequate. In addition to the public and private bus companies, which operate in these NJ counties, rail and light rail services are offered in Morris-Somerset as well, making available three NJ transit rail lines, 24-hour PATH trains, and Hudson-Bergen light rail operations for use. In Morris County a program titled, MAPS, has been developed as a Para transit service for use in aiding senior citizens and those with disabilities who are unable to access traditional fixed-route bus systems. MAPS uses buses and vans to provide transportation to education, employment and medical sites, in addition to the many other destinations they offer service to. Dial-a-ride transportation is also active in the region, offering door-to-door assistance as well.

Senior Services in the Morris and Somerset Counties

Morris and Somerset Counties have a variety of small towns, suburban and urban metro areas that provide a wide choice of housing. Within this area, seniors will find a variety of senior housing ranging from independent retirement communities, continuum of care communities, assisted living, skilled nursing, Alzheimer's assisted and skilled nursing. Other senior services in the area include a wide choice of home health care, home medical services, and senior support services. Use our Search Senior Services link to learn more about the variety of senior housing and senior support services located in the Morris and Somerset Counties of New Jersey.

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