Grand Junction


About the Grand Junction Region

Grand Junction is the seat of Mesa County, situated in what is known as Grand Valley and is the largest city in an area known as the Western Slope. It is Colorado's fruit growing area. Recently, famous for its wineries and home of the Colorado National Monument. ----The entire region offers a variety of housing options, senior services, and lifestyle options appealing to seniors and their families; an ideal place to live, work and retire. Grand Junctions largest neighboring cities are Delta, Glenwood Springs, and Montrose. Smaller cities are Aspen, Avon, Eagle, Fruits, Gypsum, New Castle, Rifle, Silt, and Vail.

Metro Area

Grand Junctions metro area is a mix of modern with the historical. Along with unique shops and boutiques, the historic district is wrapped with theatres, restaurants, art galleries and adventure for all ages. Grand Junction's main street is the attraction of the "Art on the Corner" exhibiting the largest western sculpture display in Colorado


Grand Junction's climate is semi-arid with average summer temperatures ranging in the 90's for a daytime high and 60's for evening low's. Occasionally temperatures can reach above 100 degrees in summer. Winters are mild with little precipitation in regards to snow. Generally, a 4 to 8-inch snowfall will melt off rapidly with very little accumulation. Winter temperatures range in the 50's for a daytime high and 20's for an evening low. Temperatures that reach below zero Fahrenheit are rare in Grand Junction. Grand Junction's flowering springs linger into lazy summers followed by radiant fall colors, providing a comfortable climate for all.

History of the Area

Western Slope's history is steeped in its rock's, which is its oil shale. The Grand Valley has one of the nation's largest deposits of oil shale and in the 1960's Exxon Corporation was the area's largest producer, investing in land and providing economy for the area through the early 1980's. After a decline in the cost of traditional oil production Exxon shut down its shale oil processes in 1982, only recently has the processing of oil shale begun again. Contributors to Western Slope's economy also include, agricultural, fruit growing, local wineries, tourism, healthcare, and services industry.

This area was also known as the home of the Native American Ute Indians. Dinosaur discoveries, and has a vast variety of local attractions such as the Colorado National Monument, Colorado Canyons National Conservation Area, and Colorado River State Park to name a few. See Local attractions for more information below.

Local Attractions

Western Slope offers a variety of local attractions to suit everyone's own individual interest.

Outdoor Attractions - For those who enjoy the outdoors and seek adventure the Western Slope has some of the most exiting places to see and experience in all of Colorado. Recreation and site seeing opportunities include, the Colorado Canyons National Conservation Area for the hiker and camper, Colorado National Monument with its steep canyons and towering monoliths. The area is steeped in Native American cultures. Don't miss the Colorado River State Park, it offers a variety of recreation opportunities such as biking, hiking, river rafting, picnicking, fishing and swimming. If you like to go back in time then Dinosaur Journey is the place for you. Grand Mesa National Forest is the largest flattop mountain in the world; chock full of stream-fed lakes for the outdoorsman to experience. The Highline State Park is a great get away for picnickers and campers alike, next to the Highline Lake great for water sports and fishing. If you enjoy flowers, try the Western Colorado Botanical Gardens and Butterfly House featuring local variety of plants. Something unique is the Western Colorado Math and Science Center with hands-on displays.

Golf Courses - If Golfing is your game, then Grand Junction has 18 holes for you! Tiara Rado Golf Course, the Golf Club at Redlands Mesa, Lincoln Park Golf Course, Adobe Creek National Golf Course and Chipeta Golf Course are some of Grand Junctions top pro golf courses.

Cultural - For those seeking cultural experiences, Grand Junction offers the Art Center displaying western artists' works both permanently and special exhibitions. Local Theatre's include Avalon Theater, the Cabaret Dinner Theatre, and Cinema at the Avalon. Musical entertainment is offer by the Grand Junction Symphony. Mesa Theater and Club offers live theatrical productions. Do not miss the Metro Movie Playhouse. Two Chairs Theater Company provides entertainment from local playwrights. Grand Junction is Wine Country and offers a tour to 15 different wineries in the area---come taste and see!

Dining - Some of Grand Junctions top dining spots are: Ale House, Bear Rock Café & Grille, Black Bear Diner, Blue Moon Bar & Grille, Boston's The Gourmet Pizza, The Cabaret Dinner Theatre, Coffee News Café, The Common of Hilltop, David's Restaurant and the Olive Garden Restaurant to name a few.

Art and History - Visit the Cross Orchards Living History Farm- with tours of the bunkhouse, barns and orchard is a turn of the century history farm. Museum of Western Colorado offers 12,000 square feet of history exhibits.

Transportation in Grand Junction

Grand Junctions airport is the Walker Field airport just eight miles from downtown. Bus services include American Spirit shuttle, Grand Valley Transit, Greyhound, and Wild West Tours/Telluride Express. Major car rentals include National and Thrifty car rentals. Amtrak passenger trains provide rail transportation, and other local transportation carriers such as limousine, taxi, and shuttles are also available.

Prominent Cities in the Grand Junction Area & Western Slope

Aspen - Aspen is located just forty miles south of Glenwood Springs and is a famous tourist destination today. It is noted for the many Hollywood actors and actresses living there and was the home of the famous singer John Denver. Aspen originally was a Native American city known as Ute City and later changed its name to Aspen. Aspen has an early history in the silver mining industry, currently is known for its utopian city aura and ski resort.

Avon - The town of Avon is a bedroom community to Vail, Colorado and is located at the base of the famous Beaver Creek Ski resort. During winter month's Avon's population is known to double its population of 5,305 due to the skit tourism industry in the local area.

Delta - The North Fork Valley and Delta are considered to be a top community for seniors for climate, housing, health care, personal safety, economics and recreation.

Fruita - Fruita a small, but diverse community with a history of fruit growing, farming, and cattle ranching. Fruita is also noted for the discovery of dinosaur bones found in this area.

Gypsum - Gypsum is located in Eagle County and is home of the American Gypsum drywall plant, number one employer in the area.

Glenwood Springs - Glenwood Springs is just off the I-70 corridor, and is famous for its outdoor hot springs swimming pool located in the center of the city. Glenwood Springs is a great get-away place for vacationers offering excellent recreation ranging from biking, hiking, camping, and kayaking. Glenwood Springs is where the Colorado and the Roaring Fork rivers converge. Explore the Glenwood Caverns and Fairy Caves / or take a dip in the Yampa hot springs.

Montrose - Montrose is south of Grand Junction, in what is known a the Uncompahgre valley. Famous for its Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, Montrose welcomes its visitors to enjoy its surrounding beautiful valley and experience all that it offers in recreation.

Vail - Vail is the home of the Gerald Ford golf course and is a year round destination for outdoor recreation. Vail is one of Colorado top ski resorts in the state.

Other local towns and cities include Delta, Eagle, New Castle, Rifle, and Silt, Colorado.

Senior Services for Grand Junction, Colorado and the Western Slope

There is a wide choice of senior oriented resources ranging from health at home, external healthcare outlets, professional legal services, volunteer service, meals on wheels, alternatives programs, caregiver support, elder abuse prevention, transportation, employment, companions, and local community resources in the area. Use our Search Senior Services link to learn more about the variety of senior housing and senior support services located in Grand Junction and the Western Slope.