About the Essex-Hudson-Union Local Directory

Throughout our directory, the Essex-Hudson-Union term is referring to the region in New Jersey encompassing the counties of Essex, Hudson, and Union. Covering, in detail, the counties of Essex, Hudson, and Union located on the northeastern coast of New Jersey. Essex County includes the semi-small and charming city of Irvington as well as the largest city in New Jersey, Newark. Its smaller cities are Caldwell, Essex Fells, Glenridge, Maplewood, Milburn, Montclair, North Caldwell, Roseland, Short Hills, Orange, East Orange, South Orange, and West Essex. Hudson county is near both Ellis Island and Liberty Island. Hudson's major cities are Bayonne, Hoboken, Jersey City, and Union City. Its smaller cities and towns are East Newark, Guttenberg, Harrison, Kearny, North Bergen, Weehawken, and West New York. Union county located adjacent to the counties of Essex and Hudson, incorporates the prominent cities of Elizabeth, Plainfield, Union and the smaller cities of Berkeley Heights, Clark, Cranford, Kenilworth, Linden, New Providence, Rahway, Roselle, Springfield, South Plains, Summit, and Westfield.

The Climate Of Essex-Hudson-Union Counties

The temperate climate of central New Jersey, including the counties of Essex, Hudson and Union, ranges from a high of 66 to a low of 24 degrees in the fall-winter (October through March) and from a high of 86 to a low of 43 degrees in the spring-summer (April through September).

Area Attractions

With harmonious ecological wonders abound, New Jersey, an area most people think of as a densely populated concrete jungle, unlocks itself to the curious eyes of tourists and interested future residents nation-wide. The Essex-Hudson and Union region, offers a variety of outdoor sights and recreation. Highlights include the Turtle Back Zoo in the county of Essex, an amazing array of golf courses, outdoor summer concerts. Don't miss the seasonal treasures such as the blooming of the pink cherry blossom trees in the spring and autumn driving tours through the Pine Barren woodlands in the fall.

Historic attractions exclusive to the northeast coastal region of New Jersey are that of popular and significant interest to many in the nation that we call home. Gateway to 'The Land Of The Free', or Ellis Island and the subsequently adjoined monument, the Statue of Liberty, lie extremely close to the Essex-Hudson-Union region of New Jersey. Nine tenths of the Ellis Island territory actually belongs to Hudson county and the state of New Jersey.

Prestigious art showings and museums also speckle the coast of New Jersey such as the assortment of historic homes on display to the public, the Pearl Street Gallery in Elizabeth, and the ongoing events at the Union County Arts Center, like a production of The Phantom Of The Opera and the performances of many popular comedians.

Essex County

Holding the second largest county population in the state at 793,633, Essex County is an upscale suburban district, which offers a range of extraordinary benefits to suit the senior lifestyle. With golfing being one of Essex's main attractions, this foliage-abundant area of New Jersey offers 3 public golf courses, in addition to the 26 parks throughout the area that spans nearly 5,000 acres of open space. Out of the 26 beautiful parks this county boasts, twenty were landscaped by the celebrated landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted Sr. made famous for his design work on NYC's Central Park as well as the Capital grounds in Washington, D.C.

Hudson County

With a population of 608,975 Hudson County is a significant historical locale, positioned only several hundred miles from Liberty and Ellis Islands. With an emphasis on historical preservation and regional heritage, this is a uniquely individual area within the state of New Jersey. In addition to these traits, Hudson presents extraordinary senior interest activities including summer cruises and luncheons through the county's own NJ EASE program.

Union County

Population 522,541, Union county ranks as the smallest of the three counties covered in this guide, yet where lacking in size, Union county makes up for with an abundance of social attractions for all ages. From numerous "feasts and festivals" and even a historic journey through the past of Union county covering four centuries and historic home sites, all of these attractions are available.

The following is an abridged list of large and small city descriptions within the area of Essex-Union-Hudson New Jersey:

Larger Cities:

Smaller Cities:

History of the Area

Originally inhabited by the Leni Lenapi Indians, Essex-Hudson-Union was a pleasing coastal region for the Native Americans who originally occupied this territory. Beginning in the 15th century and ranging to the 17th century, the region experienced a large concentration of English and Dutch peoples migrating to the area, in essence, because of its accessibility to the ocean. The initial colonial community was established by these Dutch and English immigrants, proving to be an excellent location for such necessary survival resources as fertile soil, plentiful natural resources, and the genuine splendor of the area.

The significant Elizabethtown Purchase of 1664 led to the first permanently established Colonial settlement in the state of New Jersey. Within the account of this purchase were the actions of the Leni Lenapi Indians who, without full knowledge of what they were offering up, sold the rights to a substantial expanse of territory, spanning from the Passaic River to the Raritan River and increasingly to the west for over thirty miles to the English settlers. Believing they were selling the rights to fishing, hunting, and cultivation on the tract of land, the Indians did not understand the English perception of land 'ownership' that the early migrants from abroad were accustomed to.

Becoming expansively developed in the pre-Civil War 1850's, the counties of Essex, Hudson, and Union gained a reputation for being particularly united as a region and progressing toward the common goal of strength and elevation of governmental systems individually and as a whole. In addition, during the late 1800's, the region developed a solid foundation of manufacturing and transportation industry activity.

Transportation of Essex-Union-Hudson

Transportation operations in the Essex-Union-Hudson region of New Jersey are categorized in three different classifications; bus, rail and Para transit. Bus services in the region include multiple fixed-route transit (intra-city), shorter-distance and longer-distance services with multiple transfer stations and lines. Rail services include the PATH 24-hour trains via the Hoboken terminal, MidTOWN DIRECT lines also through the Hoboken terminal, the Newark Division connecting routes and the Atlantic City Rail Lines serving multiple destinations like Philadelphia and Atlantic City itself. Para transit services are essentially accessible transportation for those unable to utilize traditional fixed-route bus, rail and light rail operations. These services include pick up and drop off door-to-door transportation functions, which are extremely helpful to individuals who cannot drive or arrange services on their own.

Senior Services of Essex-Hudson-Union

National polls show that New Jersey, whether it be in the country, on the beach or in the city, has been ranked in the top third of all states in the country for having a high rating of livability pertaining to the areas of healthcare, lifestyle options, low crime and education. This rating reflects positively on the area as a whole and suggests that the Garden State is an excellent place to call home.

With an abundant variety of living options available in Essex-Hudson-Union, there is a constant quality of excellence suited to suit the needs of seniors throughout the region. From prevention health education to statewide senior benefits and utilization management, NJ PHEN, Alzheimer's and Cancer care and expert nursing, the central New Jersey Region merges active senior living with professional health services, which prove to be in a league of their own. Also featured in senior services is assisted living and dynamic retirement communities.

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