Denver Regional Council of Governments

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DRCOG is metro Denver and the surrounding area's local AREA AGENCY ON AGING. There are many AREA AGENCY ON AGING offices throughout Colorado. All provide valuable information regarding seniors, their families, and the many options available today for a senior's active life. Please click on the list of Colorado's regional offices, and get in touch with the one which will suit your needs best. DRCOG stands for.


DRCOG is an agency formed in 1955 to promote intergovernmental cooperation. It is a voluntary association of more than 50 city and county governments and serves as a forum where local governments can gather to discuss common issues and resolve problems. The agency strives to resolve area wide problems in a manner which protects the integrity of each local government while providing each community with a voice in regional decision-making. This forum allows DRCOG to speak for local governments with one voice.

DRCOG is financed by annual dues paid by members and by federal and state contracts and grants from other public and private entities. Although it's a public agency, DRCOG isn't a unit of government. It has no legal authority to bind its members, require membership or force adherence to any policy. It cannot tax, issue bonds or legislate. Its adopted plans and policies can only be carried out by others.

Program areas that are part of DRCOG include:

The last 4 programs on this list – Advocacy, The Ombudsman Program, Community Services and Publications and Information are programs that can help seniors and their families. The next section will explain the services offered to seniors and their families through these programs.

DRCOG and Senior Issues

DRCOG provides information directly affecting seniors and their families. The following programs offer a variety of services you may find useful . . .

Because the region has particular needs and interests the council of governments is involved in federal and state legislative issues of relevance to the Denver metro area or local governments. The agency monitors state and federal legislation and provides reports to its membership.

The Ombudsman Program
DRCOG provides direct services to seniors and their families through the Ombudsman Program. This program, operating with the assistance of volunteers, helps older persons in nursing homes, or personal care boarding homes by mediating and resolving concerns and complaints and ensuring that residents and facilities alike, are
aware of residents' rights. Education plays a major role in the Ombudsman Program as staff and volunteers provide information to the public and to businesses about issues relevant to older adults.

Community Services – Area Agency on Aging
DRCOG is the state-designated Area Agency on Aging, coordinating the work of organizations which serve older adults in Adams, Arapahoe, Clear Creek, Douglas, Gilpin and Jefferson counties and the City and County of Denver. Each year, the council of governments allocates federal Older Americans Act funds and Older Coloradans Funds to agencies such as legal assistance centers, transportation providers, home health care specialists, senior centers and providers of home-delivered and congregant meals. Funds are distributed based upon comparative needs. Efficiency and effectiveness of services is stressed as is the reduction of overlap and duplication.

Publications & Information
The Regional Information Center is another service of DRCOG through its Public Information Division. A call to the center at 303-455-1000 can yield data on a diverse range of topics but in particular some very valuable senior oriented publications such as "Choosing a Good Nursing Home" and the "Caregiver Handbook" – see our next
section for more details on these publications. This center is open for calls or visits weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For more information visit the main DRCOG website at