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Healthy Living Tips from Medical Health & Fitness – Eating Right

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Medical Health and Fitness integrates healthcare and wellness through education, research, and products. From CEU programs include Cancer Wellness, Wellness @ Home, Exercise Medicine and the NEW Breast Cancer C.A.R.E. and Working Well courses, their products and services are designed for health professionals and customers who would like to increase their knowledge of health promotion, and use products that will improve overall health. Below are some general tips on eating right.

Breakfast Fast Food
Did you know that some of the popular egg and sausage biscuit meals contain as many as 600 calories and 40 grams of fat? An English muffin with egg and Canadian bacon is a slightly better option with about 385 calories and 20 grams of fat. Balance a high-fat breakfast by choosing a leaner lunch and incorporating more physical activity into your day.

Exotic Fruits
Nutrition experts recommended the consumption of a variety of foods for optimal health. Do you find yourself eating the same 10 foods over and over? Make it a goal to improve the variety in your diet. Each week, try a new fruit. Star fruit, guava, and prickly pear are excellent sources of vitamin C.  Kiwis provide vitamin C, potassium and vitamin E, and mangos are a great source of vitamin A.  Look for these exotic fruits in your produce department. Include them as snacks, desserts, or as part of a balanced meal.

Olive Oils
Is 'extra virgin' olive oil better than regular? The terms 'virgin' and 'extra virgin' refer to the acid content of the oil. 'Extra virgin' has less acid than 'pure' or 'virgin' oil but has no significance nutritionally.

Pasta Portion
Did you know that one portion of pasta is 1/2 cup cooked or about the size of half a baseball?   Most Americans need between 6 and 11 servings of grains each day.  These may include pasta, rice, cereals and breads. Those who consume heaping plates of pasta may end up eating more carbohydrates then their bodies need. Compliment smaller portions of starches with vegetables and lean meats for a well-balanced plate.

Tea Caution
Beware of some brands of herbal teas, labeled as 'dieter tea'. They may contain 'natural' laxatives and diuretics, which (if abused) can lead to severe dehydration and loss of electrolytes - seriously endangering health. Remember, there is no quick fix for weight reduction. Stick with water, healthy eating and exercise - not pills and potions.

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Since 1993 Medical Health & Fitness has been in the business of integrating healthcare with wellness. They have done this through education, research, publications, speaking, and developing relationships. Medical Health & Fitness Founder and President Eric Durak is at the forefront of clinical exercise, research, and education since he graduated from the University of Michigan in 1986.

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Eric Durak is the President of Medical Health and Fitness in Santa Barbara, California. He is the director of the Wellness @ Home program for home care professionals, and has worked his entire career in clinical exercise. Eric has produced award winning programs for wellness and fitness in diabetes, cancer, bariatrics, arthritis, and renal disease. He may be reached at 805-451-1745.

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