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About Senior Centers – Here is some Information

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If you have not been to a senior center recently – you need to visit one and learn more about the services they offer!

There is a movement across the United States pushing Senior Centers to become a place that older adults want to go to because they offer ongoing activities from exercise and fitness classes to creative art classes to computer classes to presentations on senior services to transportation services and more.

It is true that the services offered vary from center to center, but there is a definite movement towards building and expanding senior centers that offer robust programs and activities that interest this new generation of older active adults. Here are some of the highlights you might find at some of the newer senior centers:

  • Fitness Rooms with circuit exercise equipment
  • Pools
  • Educational Classes
  • Art Classes
  • Computer Classes
  • Meal Programs & Potlucks
  • Special Events from monthly birthday lunches to art shows to craft fairs
  • Special Interest Clubs
  • Special Field Trips
  • Tax Preparation Assistance
  • Volunteer Opportunity Resources
  • Employment Opportunity Resources
  • Transportation
  • Many Senior Centers also offer special health and wellness classes presented by local companies. Typically you might find classes on diabetes, healthy eating, fall prevention classes and much more.


Here are a few more details about Senior Centers:

  1. In general Senior Centers are for anyone aged 50 and older although some may list 55 or even 60 as the membership age.
  2. In general you don’t have to be on Medicare to join a Senior Center.
  3. Senior Centers will usually have a low annual or monthly membership cost.
  4. Many Senior Centers are operated by local government entities although some are operated by local non-profits.
  5. Senior Centers are a valuable resource for locating other senior services you may need.


Take a look at a few of the newer Senior Centers across the United States:

  • Arizona - Senior Centers, Phoenix – CLICK HERE
  • Arizona – Tucson Senior Centers, Tucson – CLICK HERE
  • Colorado – Denver Senior Centers – CLICK HERE
  • Illinois - Northbrook Park District Senior Center, Northbrook – CLICK HERE
  • Pennsylvania – Senior Centers, Pittsburgh – CLICK HERE
  • Utah - Senior Centers, Salt Lake City
    They have developed a central web page where you can explore the seniors center in the area - CLICK HERE


To find senior centers in your area, contact your local Area Agency on Aging or use the search engine Google and search on the name of your city and state and the words “Senior Center”:

  1. Your Local Area Agency on Aging
    Eldercare Locator: 1-800-677-1116 – Monday – Friday, 9AM – 8PM ET

    For older adults, your local Area Agency on Aging can be a referral source for senior centers. Call the Eldercare Locator to find your local agency.
    Note: The website has a searchable database that lists information about different types of senior resources and also lists some local resources by state.
  2. Use the search engine Google to find a local Senior Center
    search on the name of your city and state and the words “Senior Center”
  3. And the sad news … some areas of the United States may not have the newer and more robust senior centers. If this is the case in your area, then check out local community centers to see what senior programs they have. Also consider helping to start an organization for older adults at your local community center. Also consider contacting your local Area Agency on Aging to see if they can offer support and assistance in getting a senior center or senior group started that serves your area.


More information on Senior Centers:

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